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Custom press on nails set, handmade in France with high quality products !


Each nail set contain 2 × 5 nails. With each order, you will receive an application set containing :
• 1 Nail Glue
• 1 Nail buffer/file
• 1 Cuticle Stick


You can purchase a sizing kit !

To measure your nails, hold measuring tape across the widest part of your nails. Mark the edges of your nail with a pen. Report the marks and measure.

Use the following chart to find your size :
XS: 14,11,12,11,8 (mm) S: 15,12,13,12,9 (mm)
M: 16,13,14,13,10 (mm) L: 17,14,15,14,11 (mm)

If your sizes do not match any of the pre-defined size categories, please send me a message via chat or email with your custom sizes before ordering.
The lenght of the press-ons depends on your sizing and on the shape you chose.

Long : 3.5 - 3 cm Medium : 2.5 - 2 cm Short : 2 - 1.5 cm

 Please note that the nail lenght can't be modified.


To correctly prep the nails and make the set last longer, file your natural nails with the nail file provided. Make sure to remove any dust or grease before applying the press on nails. 

If you want your nails to last up to two weeks, use the Nail Glue. Coat the part of the press on that will be in contact with your natural nails with glue. Push the press on onto your nails starting at the cuticule and keep pressing for 15 seconds.

If you want to wear your nails for a few days only use gel pads. Find the gel pads size that match the press on nail and apply the pads to the part of the nails that will be in contact with your natural nails. Press the fake nails onto your nails starting at the cuticule and press firmly for a few seconds.


To remove the nails, soak your hand in warm water with oil and soap for 15 minutes. Use the cuticule pusher to gently go under the press on nails and lift it. Always be careful and do not try too hard in order to avoid damaging your natural nails.

These nails are designed to last and can be reused if removed properly.


If you have any questions please feel free to message me (you can contact me via chat, mail or on Instagram) !

Find me on Instagram and TikTok : @clairynails